• PhD in Public International Law (Al-Neelain University).part (2) – (endorsed for discussion)
  • Master of Public Law 2007 University of Juba – Sudan.
  • Higher Diploma in Law – University of Khartoum – Sudan 1999
  • Higher Diploma in Legal Translation – University of Juba – Sudan 2008
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law – Cairo University in Khartoum now, Al-Nilein – Sudan 1997.
  • Passing the Law Profession Regulation – Sudan 2000
  • Passing the legal profession license 2002 in all courts.


  • Al-Qatouti Adviser and (lawyer and notary of contracts) in all criminal, civil and family courts – (discrimination lawyer – senior)
  • Head of the Central Military Court – Judge at the Military Judiciary Authority – General Command of the Armed Forces
  • Legal Specialist – Technical Office of the Court of Cassation – Supreme Judicial Council – State of Qatar
  • Senior Legal Specialist – Ministry of Interior of the State of Qatar – Department of Criminal Evidence and Information – .
  • Experience in legal work in civil and criminal cases – contracts and companies – for more than 20 years
  • Assistance in issuing a set of judicial and legal rulings (for the Court of Cassation – Technical Office of the Supreme Judicial Council in Qatar) for nearly ten years in the criminal and civil departments
  • Working as a lawyer and legal advice in Qatari law firms and legal advice.
  • He worked in many cases (criminal, civil, commercial, companies – contracts – labor cases – and human rights cases).
  • Teaching is a collaborating professor and lecturer at the College of Sharia and Law – University of Sudan (.
  • Member of the (Arab Lawyers Union).
  • Member of the General Union of the Sudanese Bar Association.
  • Member of the Sudanese Society of International Law (Seld).
  • Full proficiency in English.

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