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Qatar Commercial Companies Law | Banks, commercial and civil companies, and the establishment of Qatari companies

Carrying out all legal work related to companies, carrying out procedures for establishing Qatari companies with local and foreign capital, investment and participation contracts, lawsuits related to the activity of commercial and civil companies, employees and workers of companies, preparing internal labor regulations for companies, personnel system regulations and disciplinary sanctions for companies in the light of the Labor Law and the Companies Law Qatari commercial

Legal services for commercial companies

Commercial companies of all kinds and their activities are an important pillar in the national economy of the State of Qatar, and the state has tended to encourage citizens and residents to engage in the field of commercial work by establishing companies and registering them in the Commercial Register Department, and our belief in the importance and role of commercial companies and as one of the legal institutions in the state, we have tended to develop our performance to provide services Distinguished for those companies with local and foreign capital in order to provide them with legal protection and be partners in their success, and it is one of the most important services we provide to the following commercial companies:

  1. Incorporation and public offering of companies of all kinds
  2. Issue licenses to conduct all commercial activities
  3. Prepare, draft and review all types of commercial and investment contracts
  4. Provide the necessary legal advice to companies
  5. Amendment of corporate contracts, increase of capital, sale of shares, exit and liquidation
  6. Preparation of corporate legal regulations
  7. Judicial representation in all disputes in which companies are one of the parties
  8. Debt collection through amicable settlements and judicial proceedings
  9. Registration of names, trademarks, commercial agencies and intellectual property rights

Services of banks and financial institutions

Banks and financial institutions in the State of Qatar are the backbone of the national economy, due to their active role in financing projects and individuals in various financing programs in addition to their other activities.

  1. Dealing with cases related to banks and financial institutions, whether civil, commercial or criminal
  2. Direct and follow up on executive litigation and debt collection
  3. Proceeding with the public auction sale procedures before the execution courts in favor of the banks
  4. Direct the procedures for seizing debtors’ funds and requests for travel bans
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