qatar labor law - Labor Law - Almashora Lawyer Zainab Muhammad Legal Firm Qatar, Legal Advice and Arbitration

Defense and pleading in labor claims of companies and individuals and cases related to Qatar Labor Law

Al-Mashoura Law Firm and Legal Consultations, represented by Lawyer Zainab Mohammed, aims through its various activities to play an effective role in the legal field in the State of Qatar. Therefore, we are committed to providing and providing high-level legal services to our valued clients in order to obtain the best return for them, and for that we follow strict periodic processes on Quality control and ensuring that each lawyer is endowed with his thought and effort with the necessary tools and qualifications to provide first class legal support in a timely manner.

As we are particularly keen on this to maintain our strong relationships with our customers and guide them towards success and full achievement of their goals with our strong links and organizational procedures in all transactions and administrative and institutional issues related to all entities and sectors operating in the country, and these transactions include, for example, but not limited to Providing legal advice, judicial representation before all types of courts, incorporation of companies and public subscription, conclusion of contracts and commercial deals, debt collection and implementation of foreign judgments, preparation of legal regulations of various types, in addition to many other fields.

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