Civil Cases

Includes all types and branches of various civil cases and defend them in front of all the different degrees and types of courts.

Criminal Cases

The defence and pleadings of criminal cases in front of all criminal courts of different types and levels, and the presence of the investigations.

Banks and Companies

Carrying out all the legal work of companies. Performing procedures of establishing companies of both domestic and foreign capital.

Construction Industry Companies

All cases of construction companies related to the implementation, editing of all types of construction contracts and offering consultancy in such cases.

Trademark Registration

We are providing all services and consultancy for the registration of trademarks and intellectual property rights.

Family Cases

Providing a full range of special services for the law of family and personal status, and all claims related to it.

Financial Claims

Debt collection through friendly claims, negotiations between the parties and through litigation.

Commercial and Marine Cases

Includes all cases and legal bussiness of commercial and marine companies. Cases related to marine accidents and writing contracts.
Legal Advice Services
Counseling and legal support, opinion and legal opinions for companies and individuals in both oral and written reports

Meet the team

The power we have been given by the Law is the basic principle to achieve Justice. Through presenting consultancy for individuals and defending their rights and freedom. At our firm, we aim to the best legal solution for your case. Our law firm consists of remarkable team of expert attorneys in just every field of law you can name.

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Picture of Zainab Mohamed
Advocate, Firm Owner

Zainab Mohamed

She holds a bachelor's degree in Sharia and Islamic Studies (specializing in law) in 2008 - Qatar University, in addition to several training courses for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Ministry of Justice Center, and a training course of judicial organization and civil judiciary and the functions of the public prosecutor of the State of France, established Ms. Zainab Mohammed office in 2002.
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Picture of Essam Zakaria
Legal Adviser

Essam Zakaria

He holds a Bachelor of Law, Alexandria University. High diploma in maritime law, Arab Academy for Maritime Transport, a number of specialized courses in the field of commercial and maritime arbitration 'and dispute resolution, and the drafting of contracts and agreements and negotiation. Lawyer registered in the resumption of the Egyptian Bar Association.
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Picture of Mohamed Adel
Legal Adviser

Mohamed Adel

Holds courses and certificates accredited by the University of Alexandria during the period from 15/1/2008 to 15/4/2008 regarding the crimes of public funds (embezzlement and seizure), forensic medicine, forensic evidence, drug crimes, counterfeiting, forgery and contemporary problems in maritime transport.
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Our Pathway


The legal profession, the judiciary are both involved in the achievement of justice and reaffirm the rule of law and in ensuring the right to defend citizens' rights and freedoms, and the lawyers are practicing the legal profession alone in the independence and there are no authority over them, only to their conscience and the law.

The attorney message could be up to the rank of the heavenly messages, art needs to talent, creativity and innovation, and there were many attempts have sought to develop a comprehensive definition of the legal profession, and the internal regulations of the Bar Association in Lyon came to define by saying that "the lawyer helping his client either direction or could contribute advice or defense mission orally or in writing."

The justice is a result of dialogue between independent and impartial judge, an honest and free lawyer.

We are proudly honored to carry the message that lofty desire to uphold the word of truth and justice.


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Electromechanical Maintenance Services Company

Al Mirqab Exchange Company

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