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Initiating all types of issues related to the implementation of contracting contracts and issuing all kinds of contracting and participation contracts, providing legal advice in this regard

The real estate development sector is considered contracting, building and construction as one of the most important sectors in the Qatari economy, but rather in all the promising economies in the countries of the world because this sector is the locomotive of construction and development for the national economy. The amount of high risks and our services include providing the following: –

  1. Prepare contracts of all kinds (contracting – subcontracting – supply – partnership and agreement contracts)
  2. Facilitating work permit issuance procedures
  3. Follow-up on debt collection by amicable and judicial methods
  4. Initiating urgent lawsuits (such as cases to prove the case)
  5. Listening to lawsuits related to financial claims and all compensation
  6. Prepare work contracts and disciplinary regulations for employees in accordance with the Labor Law
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