• Lawyer on Appeal, holds a Bachelor of Laws from Alexandria University in 2008, and is currently registered with the Egyptian Bar Association with a degree of “appeal”
  • Registered at the Qatari Ministry of Justice to attend on behalf of Ms. Zainab Muhammad’s office
  • He holds accredited courses and certificates from Alexandria University during the period from 15/1/2008 to 15/4/2008 regarding forensic evidence, drug crimes, counterfeiting, forgery, public funds crimes (embezzlement and seizure) and forensic medicine.


  • He worked as a lawyer at Nawar Law Firm and Legal Consultations – Legal Adviser to the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping International, headquartered in London
  • Practical experience of more than 10 years in the practice of legal work.
  • He has experience in criminal, civil, administrative, labor and legal cases.
  • He has experiences in writing memos, lawsuit papers and discussing experts in all areas of criminal, civil, administrative, labor, rent and family law.
  • He has experience in issues related to contracting and construction contracts.

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