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The Law of Hosting Measures for the World Cup for the tournament, which is considered the most important and most popular in the world, and I start my speech with what His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani mentioned – may God protect him and his care – when he said that we will not prevent anyone from coming to our country and enjoying football, and we expect everyone to respect our culture – This was the cornerstone of legal legislation or measures taken by the state regarding the tournament. The State of Qatar will not prevent anyone from entering the country, and everyone must respect our culture. We hope that the tournament version will be an unparalleled version throughout history. As it is the first time that the largest tournament in the world will be held on Arab land

1- What is the purpose of issuing a special law to implement the World Cup period that will be held in the country?

The World Cup is the most important tournament in the world and is considered an exceptional and challenging event for the host country, so it needs a special, safe environment for the duration of its holding. It comes from many unusual or usual aspects, whether related to the way of entering the country or controlling traffic and traffic procedures during the tournament, as well as procedures to maintain the security and safety of all participants in the tournament. Everyone knows that the tournament is organized every four years and 32 countries from all over the world and with different cultures participate in it. It is expected that more than a million and a half fans will attend the matches, and this large number of fans will certainly place great consequences and responsibilities on the security authorities during the duration of the World Cup events, which are unusual at the security level in normal circumstances.

Which means that it is not possible to rely on the normal procedures, laws and legislation applied in the country, and the reality itself is unique to the need to issue an exceptional new legislation that can be relied upon to organize the tournament and run it in an optimal manner. The law is for the period that begins 10 days before the opening match of the tournament and ends 5 days after the date of the last match of the tournament.

2- What about the most important procedures, guarantees and rights contained in the hosting measures law?

The law defines the guarantees and rights issued by the state to the International Football Association (FIFA), including the procedures for entering and exiting the state, so that the competent authorities are obligated to establish a quick and simplified mechanism for issuing entry visas to the state, as specified by Article 4 of the law, which stipulates that granting entry visas to the state shall be for foreign nationals, and it is permissible Refusal to grant or cancel entry visas to the country for security or health reasons, or to maintain public order or the security of the tournament… The Security Committee shall notify the Supreme Committee of the reasons for the refusal or cancellation, and the Supreme Committee shall notify FIFA of these reasons. Or the Higher Committee, at the end of the period of time for the tournament, and may, in cases of necessity, request an extension for another period.

Article 6 of the law also confirmed that foreign nationals are not obligated to submit a copy of the work permit, during the period of operation of this law, and this provision applies to employees of FIFA and its affiliated organizations, contractors with them, suppliers of goods, works contractors, service providers, FIFA’s commercial partners, and other parties. The broadcasting of events, the continental federations, the national football federations and the host federation. Article 9 stipulates that FIFA and its affiliated organizations are exempted from fees and taxes. This is done in coordination with the competent authorities to ensure that all of this provides a safe environment during the preparation period for the tournament and the period of its holding.

Article 11 of the same law stipulates that the Security Committee shall take the necessary measures to provide cyber security. All the competent governmental medical authorities in the country are obligated to prepare their facilities to provide medical assistance to the participants in the tournament and activities.

The law also included stipulating FIFA’s rights in relation to its intellectual property rights such as the name and logo, how those rights are used, prohibiting acts of unfair competition, how to issue, sell and distribute match tickets, distribute advertisements and regulate the performance of the work of suppliers of goods, works contractors and service providers. Broadcasting and advertising of events, places and method of advertising, promotion and transfers during the time period of the championship in a way that ensures ease of chaos in the country.

3- What is the extent of insurance and protection of the championship and the provision of health care and foreign exchange in the law?

The sponsor of the hosting measures law is health care for fans. Article 12 of it affirms that all competent governmental medical authorities in the country are obligated to prepare their facilities to provide medical assistance to the participants in the tournament and activities. Also, all governmental and non-governmental medical authorities are obligated to accommodate emergencies, and provide medical assistance to participants and persons participating. In the activities and the public, during the time period of the tournament, in accordance with the procedures determined by the Ministry of Public Health, and without prejudice to the requirements of FIFA
The law also regulated how to dispose of money and currencies. In order to facilitate the operations of banks and foreign exchange, the law required taking into account that no restrictions should be placed on the purchase and sale of the state’s currency and foreign currencies, the entry and exit of foreign currencies, and the inadmissibility of restricting the exchange and conversion of foreign currencies to the US dollar, the euro or the Swiss franc. And the commitment of the banking authorities in the country to arrange banking operations easily and smoothly, without prejudice to the incoming controls and the instructions of the Qatar Central Bank on combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

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